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Ancient Religions Still Alive

As a curiosity, this page presents some links to Norse, Celtic, and other ancient religions being practiced today. Many of these pagan religions have taken slightly new forms under the care of "reconstructionists." This means that the religion is not practiced EXACTLY as it was in ancient times, but is a blending of new influences and old. In fact, many aspects of ancient rituals and myths have been lost over the ages due to various holy persons' refusal to document religious wisdom and custom, and the medeival Catholic Church's attempt to systematically erradicate these pagan religions. Thus the need to re-construct.

WARNING. As with any religious group or cult, caution must be taken while investigating them. Some religious groups may be led by unsavory individuals who may be physically or mentally dangerous, or hold beliefs and orientations that may be offensive. For example, a few Norse religious groups are heavily influenced by Nazis or Neo-Nazis, and have taken up where Hitler left off by reconstructing their religion with racist dogma. Check the web sites carefully. If there is NOT a disclaimer stating that racial politics will NOT be tolerated, then chances are good that you've stumbled on a racist brand of Asatru.

Other religious groups and cults have been known to exercise extreme control over their members, and even commit murder and suicide. Also many different religious groups have many different sub-groups that do not necesarily hold the beliefs or orientations of the parent group. So, for example, a group that calls themselves "Christian", may practice ritual murder even though their religious dogma states that to love, cherish, and forgive are the highest virtues. The medeival Spanish Inquisition is a good real life example.

This is not to say that every religious group or cult is harmful or undesirable, only that extreme caution should be taken.


With this said, I hope you find these links interesting...

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