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The Annual Robert E. Howard
Remembrance Day Celebration


Each June, Project Pride and the City of Cross Plains sponsor the annual Robert E. Howard Remembrance Days, during which special events occur, postal cancellations and commemorative t-shirts are offered, tours of Howard's home and town are available, and the Cross Plains Library puts on display some of their holdings of REH original manuscripts. In addition to the 50-100 die hard Howard fans who attend, the celebration is often marked by the appearance of many of the most prominant Howard scholars and experts in the field. Frankly, it's a great holiday for a Howard fan.

The current year's schedule and information for Robert E. Howard Rembrance Days will be posted here every year as the information becomes available:

Additional information on REH Days can typically be found in the "News" section of the REHupa web site, as well as at the City of Cross Plains web site.

The Howard House Museum

The event is hosted each year by Project Pride who is a community organization in Cross Plains, Texas. Project Pride bought and restored the Robert E. Howard home with financial support from REH fans around the world (and from the late Alla Ray Morris, who had inherited the rights to REH's works). They now operate the Home as a museum in REH's memory, and they love the opportunity to show it off for visitors.

Michael Scott Myers, sceenwriter of The Whole Wide World, speaks to a crowd of avid Howard fans under the pavillion next to the Howard house museum.

Bob's room is particularly well done, and the Howard museum now holds a copy of the rare 1937 Jenkins edition of A Gent from Bear Creek -- one of only seven known copies to exist in the world. The museum is not open on a regular basis, so it is best to make arrangements in advance by writing to the people at Project Pride. If you can't wait to see it in person, click here for a virtual tour of the Howard house.

While much has been done in the over ten years since Project Pride first bought the house, a lot remains, and Cross Plains is not a wealthy community. Any support from REH fans -- either through joining Project Pride, or through donations earmarked for the Howard Home -- helps with the ongoing efforts to preserve Howard's memory in his hometown. Project Pride membership is $3.00 per year for individuals or $5.00 for a couple. If you send a donation, please make sure you state that it is for the Howard house.

For more information, to arrange for a visit, or to send a donation write to:

Project Pride
P.O. Box 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443

You may also try one of these telephone numbers:

(254) 725-6580, (254) 725-6562, (254) 725-6498

The Robert E. Howard House and Museum is located at:
625 W. 4th Street (AKA Highway 36)
Cross Plains, Texas

Cross Plains, Texas


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