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The Illustrated World of
Robert E. Howard

 Kull!   Conan!  Solomon Kane! brought to vivid life with astonishing new imagery!

Gathering together some of the best artists in the field, The Illustrated World of Robert E. Howard showcases new and exclusive paintings of both past and future volumes by Wandering Star. Centering around the marvelous stories and literary characters of author Robert E. Howard, this unique book features the provoking art of Gary Gianni, Mark Schultz, Mike Mignola, Scott Gustafson, Glen Orbik, Justin Sweet, Greg Manchess, Jim Silke, Jim & Ruth Keegan, Scott Caple, and Tom Kidd.

By Justin Sweet

This oversized book designed by artist Jim Keegan measures 9.25" x 13.5" and is inked in beautiful full color. The thirty-two pages of scintillating artwork is printed on heavy paper stock and is spiral bound across the top so that your favorite character and painting may hang proudly on your wall, or effortlessly change with the seasons and your mood. Each painting portrays a different character from Robert E. Howard's classic literature and is accompanied by facinating character/story information and relevant excepts from Howard's correspondence compiled by renowned Howard scholar Rusty Burke, with additional text written by wordsmith Steve Tompkins.

By Mike Mignola

As if paintings by these wonderful artists and scholarship by one of the foremost Howard experts in the world were not enough, about a dozen rare photographs of Howard himself are reproduced in this book directly from the originals for the first time ever -- many of which have never before been seen. In addition, images from rare pulp magazine covers and interiors make their way onto the pages of this extraordinary publication. This is a Howard fan's dream come true -- both adventure and beauty, art and literature combined into one breathtaking work of art.

The Illustrated World of Robert E. Howard contains the following:

  • By Gary Gianni
    Cover: by Gary Gianni
  • ALMURIC: by Mark Schultz
  • BRAN MAK MORN: by Gary Gianni
  • BRECKINRIDGE ELKINS: by Scott Gustafson
  • BOXING STORIES: by Gary Gianni
  • CONAN: by Greg Manchess
  • EL BORAK: by Jim & Ruth Keegan
  • HORROR STORIES (The Thing on the Roof): by Mike Mignola
  • JAMES ALLISON (Marchers of Valhalla): by Scott Caple
  • KULL: by Justin Sweet
  • RED SONYA: by Jim Silke
  • SKULLFACE: by Glen Orbik
  • SOLOMON KANE: by Gary Gianni
  • SWORD WOMAN: by Mark Schultz

    It retails for $24.95.

The book can be ordered through Wandering Star's fine dealers, or directly by writing Jim Keegan at:


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