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The Fatastic Worlds of
Robert E. Howard

Still in Print!

The Fatastic Worlds of Robert E. Howard was hailed by REH fans around the world as is book that is essential to Howard studies, and originally sold out within a mere months. Now the book is back in a newly printed 2nd edition! Edited by James Van Hise, the book contains a collection of articles by well known Robert E. Howard scholars such as Rusty Burke and Morgan Holmes that discuss Howard's writing style and his impact on 20th century fantasy writing.

Many of the best articles previously published in the Robert E. Howard United Press Association (REHUPA) are featured. Examinations of such stories as "Valley of the Worm," "Pigeons from Hell," "Queen of the Black Coast," "The Frost Giant's Daughter" and ALMURIC are included. Also featured are the articles: "Robert E. Howard: Cross Plains Outsider," A Solomon Kane Chronology by Richard Toogood, "The Life and Times of Wild Bill Clanton," "The Weird Adventure That is Skullface," "Robert E. Howard: Poet in Prose" by Charles A Gramlich, "Weird Tales in the Thirties" by Reginald Smith. And articles discussing different authors, such as Lin Carter, that have tried their hand at writing stories using Howard's characters has also made their way into the tome's pages.

Spectacular artwork from the 1930's pulp magazines that originally published Howard's stories will be seen throughout the volume, as well as contemporary artwork from the field of fantasy. A few of the featured artists will be: Steve Firchow who produced the cover to this book, Allen Koszowski who painted the book cover for “Queen of the Black Coast”, and a dynamite Steve Fabian painting of Bęlit based on the same story. Roy Krenkel’s book cover from “King Kull”, and Ray Capella’s piece based on the story “The Valley of the Worm” will also appear in The Fantastic Worlds of Robert E. Howard!

A book not to be missed by any Conan or Robert E. Howard fan, By Crom!

The book is 8 1/2 by 11, and 176 pages. Price: $17.95.

To order the book, send a check or money order for $17.95 + $4 for shipping to:

James Van Hise
57754 Onaga Trail
Yucca Valley, CA 92284 USA
Tel: (619) 365-5836

For more information, please visit James Van Hise's web site by clicking here

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