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The pages herein deal with topics relating primarily to Conan the Cimmerian, Robert E. Howard (the creator of Conan) and his other works, the history, myths, etc. of real barbarians, and ancient swords and weapons. Some of my other interests are represented here as well, thrown in just for fun! Please feel free to make any suggestions, requests, or contributions to these web pages, as well as discuss any of the topics above. A fellow REH fan once said, "There's damn few of us and we'd best support each other," and I wholeheartedly agree!

I've done my best to present everything in an objective, scholarly, and true manner. These web pages are for anyone who appreciates escaping into a good story, experiencing great adventures, and of course, those who enjoy the exceptional work of Robert E. Howard! I hope that these web pages help to encourage interest in the writings of Robert E. Howard, and provide a valuable resource for information about Howard and his creations.

The "Real Barbarians" section of these web pages are meant to suppliment the "Conan" section. Most of the pages in the Real Barbarian section will be links to other people's pages who can do a much better job of presenting the historical information than I can. Other pages are "related" to Conan in some way, but are factual. For example, "The Riddle of Steel" page takes off on a theme that ran through the movie "Conan the Barbarian," and generally describes how steel was made in ancient times (as well as some interesting stuff about purchasing a sword replica, etc.).

The "Conan & Robert E. Howard" section of these web pages deals with information relating to or about Robert E. Howard and his works, with a well deserved emphisis on REH's best known character... Conan.

The "Lord of This Keep" section is a repository for things realting specifically to the creation of these web pages in general, some information about myself, and just about anything else that doesn't fit into either the "Conan" or "Real Barbarian" sections.

I hope you enjoy these web pages!


My intention is never to maliciously (or otherwise) infringe on any copyright. However, some of the materials and graphics used here have been given to me by others who got them from someone else, who previously got them from someone else, who likewise got them from another source, and so on. In these cases, I am unaware of a copyright and assume that the material is not copyrighted, as is much of the material on the internet.

I am also aware that many authors and artists actively bless the reproduction of their work, in part or in whole, as a way to promote their work and increase their popularity.

In some cases where I may have used copyrighted material, I have done my best to give credit where credit is due and promote the work. If the credits are not somewhere on the page, underneath the graphic, or in a hypertext “link” connected to the graphic (just “click” on the graphic to find out), then you should find them in the “Credits” link on the previous page. In most cases, I have even provided a link to someone who is selling the work... if I could find one.

It is never my intention to cause anyone damage. On the contrary, I hope to promote and contribute to the work of others, as well as display my own original copyrighted work free of charge for non-profit and educational use. Also, please keep in mind that all the materials used in these web pages are for the purposes of promoting and enhancing the education, learning, and interest of the information, ideas, and materials presented. I charge no fee for this, and these web pages are a non-revenue, non-profit endeavor.

In any case where the owner of a copyrighted work believes that some portion of these web pages infringe on their copyrights, please e-mail me, or otherwise contact, and I will immediately respond with the appropriate action by either re-writing the material, modifying the material in accordance with the owner’s wishes, or removing the material altogether.

Furthermore, the opinions and thoughts expressed in these web pages are not necessarily held nor originated by this writer.

With regards,

Edward Waterman

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