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The Swords of Conan: Steel and Lore

...But always there remained the discipline of steel...

- Conan the Barbarian

At this time, there is no way to purhcase an EXACT replica of either the "Atlantean Sword" or the "Father's Sword" that were featured in the movie, Conan the Barbarian. However, Crom has answered the prayers of Conan fans around the world! Albion Armorers is producing exact replicas of the swords!! In partnership with Jody Samson, one of the original swordsmiths of the baldes for the movie, Albion will be creating authentic and authorized replicas of both the Father's Sword and the Atlantean Sword in limited editions! You won't get any closer to the "real thing" than these reproductions. Strictly speaking, these ARE the real thing. Even more importantly, the swords will be made by a world renowned, master swordsmith with the highest quality steel and craftmanship! These will be real weapons! Crom!

There are also two different, and inferior replicas which are modeled after the original Atlantean Sword:

The first sword can be found in almost any sword dealer's catalog and is very loosly based on the original Atlantean Sword. It has the basic design, but none of the markings and is also made of inferior steel. The best feature of the sword is that it is relatively inexpensive!

The second replica is a "good try" and a better imitation of the Atlantean Sword, but it is not an exact replica. Just for starters, it is 2 inches too long. The markings or "letters" on the blade seem to match the original in layout if not in exactness, and the pommel seems to be a little different too. However, it is made of quality steel and is the second best replica I have yet to see! It is also quite expensive. The sword is made by Raven Armoury, which is located in England.

If you would like to know a little more about how steel swords were made in ancient times, or if you already own a sword and would like some pointers on how to care for it, click here: The Riddle of Steel.

For more information on the swords featured in Conan the Barbarian, click here: Heroic Swords.

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