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The following summary was paraphrased from an information sheet provided by Keller Entertainment. Many thanks for their interest and support.

Conan the Adventurer is the story of Conan, a Prince of Thieves and a savage warrior who lived during the mythical Hyborian Age that existed before the dawn of history.

After an all-powerful sorcerer, the great Hissah Zul, places Conan's homeland of Cimmeria under his iron rule, Conan and an army of warriors rebel and fight to free Cimmeria from the demonic tyrant and his minions. In his travels, Conan will battle fierce mythical creatures that roam the land, as well as his own worst fear [unknown].

One of Conan's love interests will be Karela, a beautiful bandit-queen, whose fiery and sometimes conflicting passions create a love/hate relationship that causes considerable trouble for Conan.

Conan is the ultimate hero! He has been chosen by the gods to fight evil, right wrongs, rescue the oppressed, and champion freedom! As General of an army of warriors, his quest is to bring freedom back to his homeland of Cimmeria.

This, then, is the world of Conan the Adventurer!

*The "army" of warriors that the above synopsis refers to are three sidekicks that tag along with Conan throughout the series. These are: 1) Otli, a dwarf; 2) Zebben, a mute; and 3) Bayu, a martial artist who can call upon panther-like animal powers.  

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