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The Black Stranger
Original Manuscript Fascimile

The Black Stranger: Original Manuscript Fascimile by Robert E. Howard, published and arranged by Jim Keegan in cooperation with the Wandering Star Robert E. Howard Library of Classics.

For the true Howard collector and Conan fan... not merely a reprinting, but a nearly exact digitally replicated copy of the original 90 page typescript prepared by Robert E. Howard's own hand. This is the original, unedited story sometimes published as "The Treasure of Tranicos," and is the closest you'll ever come to having an original manuscript without actually owning one. The differences from the original are minor: mainly, this facsimile is printed on high quality, acid free paper.

If owning a replica of an original Conan manuscript is not enough for you, the packaging and extras should sway you over. A great design, the box features four Conan illustrations created exclusively for this project by famed artist Gary Gianni. The box is also signed by the artist, and an excellent introduction to the story by Conan fan Steve Tompkins tops the package off. One of the coolest Howard related projects to be offered to the public. Printed in a one time limited collector's edition of only 250 numbered copies, the price tag is a steal.

[Currently Sold Out] Like all good things, this too has come to an end. Although the Black Stranger Original Manuscript Facsimile is officially sold out, one still might be able to find a copy or two at Bud Plant Comic Art.

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